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Pretty and functional...?

Seriously, really needs a "This ain't a big deal" button.


Pretty and functional...?

Ajjas013 6

Tell her you weren't done and say, pretty functional.

Whats actually interesting is how did the lady know to respond to her thought :O

Should've asked if it came in different colors/patterns.

SECOND!!!!!!!!!!! OUI!!!!'

Well she must have a pretty pipe, then.

that was a compliment why wasnt she happy that her pipe looked nice

hy is this an FML? She seems t have taken your compliment well, so it's all good.

I made a comment like this on a similar FML and it was almost instantly moderated. you guys suck. but yeah op, mistakes happen. everyone is probably going to notice the tube so I'm sure your comment was one of the nicest she had heard about it in a while.

How were u suppose to know. I would have the same thing. It's ur job to tell people that. Maybe it will make her better about it......

Ask her where she bought it. lol. jk.

If I was her, I'd be happy that someome thought that the pipe looked like a strange necklace. HURRAH!

Seriously, really needs a "This ain't a big deal" button.

Agreed. I'd also rally for an "Awkward!" button.

Agreed. Hardly anything to FML over.

I agree so much. So many of these aren't FMLs.

yea, a "so what?..."-button and "FMD" (f*** my day) letters to choose to add instead of FML

YES! This site really needs a "So what?" or "This isn't a big deal." button.