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By tillyg15 - This FML is from back in 2012 but it's good stuff - United Kingdom - Droitwich

Today, I had to ring up our local competitors to get prices for paint. I pretended I'd just bought a house and was doing it up, and I actually got excited about doing up a make-believe house. FML
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Time to go out and buy The Sims to tame your cravings.

perdix 29

As opposed to the thrill of industrial espionage?


_ebbonyy 11

what's wrong with getting excited about doing some renovating? when I watch the block and shows like that, I get the urge to do some renovating and I don't even own my own house! haha

Yes because saying "interesting" for a first comment has never been done before! I'm proud of you. / sarcasm

Bitching about the first comment has never been done before. I'm proud of you...

Oh dear gosh your life truly is F'd! Holy crap! I agree your life does suck! .......

I didn't really think I would have to do this, but I would just like to say that I was expressing my 'interest' in this subject; however, my one word response apparently deserves a whole load of bitchy sarcasm. I did not intend to be original, I just found it funny. Sorry I offended you with a word I have yet to be heard as an insult. ~BHS

Nothing! Everyone seems to view 'interesting' with a negative connotation... :P That's why. ~BHS

Time to go out and buy The Sims to tame your cravings.

Beat me you it -____-

abbyabb 4

Or... Minecraft! (maby)

twisted_cherub 14

My regimen on any Sims game: 1. Put new Sim(s) in affordable house. 2. Motherload, motherload, motherload,.... 3. Buy bigger property and design huge house down to tiniest detail. 4. Decorate said house. 5. Get bored with Sim(s) in that house and repeat process with new Sim(s). I really just need a home design game.

23 the sims is a simulation life game in which you could build and design a house however you want

Wicked361 8

Instead of motherload put in familyfunds {Last name of family here} {amount of money you want}.... oh yes it works...;)

And Im sure you made up a make believe husband too......

That was harsh...

And unnecessary. Why assume OP was single? Or looking for a husband and not a wife?

I always believe that these people who throw insults like these are like that themselves. I'm guessing lyssa_jean is some delusional, single, crazy old bag imagining people but she doesn't admit it.

I'm single :-(

Also known as trolls

KiddNYC1O 20

Okay, she made an unpleasant comment, move on people.

Its not always such a bad thing

lordy lord ppl it was a joke:) lighten up..... Hey if she had made up a make believe hubby to go with her make believe house she wouldve just been playing her part that much better.....

47-I think it would be in your best interest to stop talking.

I like apple sauce.

You should buy a doll house and do a makeover on it

You work in a paint company... yet still get excited talking about it?

Sounds like a good employee to me.

cutielilangel 8

Or perhaps OP was still new to the company.

I passionately love my job. Good on OP if they enjoy what they do.

We're you excited about watching the imaginary paint dry?

Oh autocorrect...changing my words. I meant "were".

Sounds like you need a hobby.

btstig 11

Sounds like she just created one.

Four words OP, bored.

Anything is possible with imagination! °_•

:/ ... :D Ten inch penis! ¦] *looks in pants* >:( LIAR!

You're doing it wrong! -_-

8, sometimes, imagination is terrible. Imagination idiocy: 8============D. (a dick) (o)(o). (boobs) If only imagination didn't screw up.

perdix 29

As opposed to the thrill of industrial espionage?

Hey, it's called "competitive business strategies", remember Sirin has to plant gas bombs and whatnot to take care of copycat sites.

McMan - Sirin never goes that low. She uses land mines that trigger website-killing viruses when set off.

You should actually redo your house/apartment