Early morning noise

By Juju Bear - This FML is from back in 2016 but it's good stuff - France - Paris

Today, my girlfriend woke up, and while half-asleep, muttered, "What time is it? Have the neighbours started drilling again?" I'll try harder to keep my farts in from now on. FML
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You really blew her away

i must say pretty impressive

football98_fml 20

What a sweetheart

*Vapid comment.

This guy never seems to have any valid input to the comment sections

Well at least she didn't do what my boyfriend did and roll over in the middle of the night to say "Please don't eat the children" before dropping off again...

at least you had to the chance to not let her know it was you :D

That's honestly cute lol

DAAAAMN. You fart like a drill? I'm jealous. Mine sound like a stalling truck

moo77_fml 20

Still laughing out load.. After 5 mins of reading this message.. Only cos it's happened to me.. But it was the hubby asking!!! Darn those sprouts lol