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By  RememberSchlitz  |  9

"You are right, sir, and I apologize for my impertinence. Allow me to seat you right away, and with your permission I'll ask the chef to make you something special, something just. For. You. Something that the kind of someone who knows someone else and isn't afraid to say so but is reluctant to say the actual name of the person they know absolutely deserves."

By  swervelol  |  28

As a fellow hostess I feel your pain completely, we just have to grin and bear it, and to be honest most of the staff doesn't sympathize with the hostess "because our job is so easy" so I definitely feel for you FYL indeed.

By  jcash52426  |  5

And if they spoke to me like that I would tell them I have the right to not serve your for being disrespectful to me here's the bill what what you have consumed you can leave. If you are still here when I get back the police will be called.