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By ugh - This FML is from back in 2010 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, my boyfriend of over a year told me that we need a code word for when I'm being annoying. FML
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alex_vik 0

If you weren't annoying he wouldn't need a code-word to tell you about it.

blueeyes24 0

Tell him you need one for when the sex isn't that good...


alex_vik 0

If you weren't annoying he wouldn't need a code-word to tell you about it.

I say "squaids" (squirrel aids)... it's strange enough for people to have no clue what you're talking about... plus, as an added bonus, it will also distract you to the point where you may cease to be annoying for a while...

Feel fortunate that he said something. Chances are, others are thinking (or thought) it and they are just being "nice".

Your code word is annoying, and those around you who are less annoyed will ask what it means. Use a real word, OP, or just ask what habits he finds so irritating.

@13 But everyone watches equals three. Everyone.

I think the entire YouTube community is on fml

I propose the codeword/phrases: "bitch, please", "it's clbberin' time!", "Jesus H. Christ in a chicken basket", or "every time you send that dumbass picture, god kills a Domokun"

er, clobberin' , also, one more possible codephrase, "NOT RIGHT NOW, YOU DON'T" (ProTip: CapsLock is Cruise Contol for COOL)

hahaha omg that just made my day haha

it should obviously be vaginaboob...

Almost all of you are win, especially any RWJ related comments. I am hoping that your FML is about the fact that you didn't realise you were annoying and not about your bf trying to mod you. The fact is, everyone has quirks and they may be endearing to those that love us but not so much to our casual acquaintances.

saywaturcoco 0

@30 I am ... now go watch nigahiga or Fred or ShaneDawsonTV stop wasting ur time on FML! lol just kiding! :-P

Code word should be "sex", period. Makes you stfu and keep you entertained at the same time. It's a double win situation for both.

Icarus_II 0

I say the code word be "it's over" then everyone would shut up.

YDI for being annoying.

if your bf had any balls, his code words would be "you're annoying the shit outa me, so shut the fuck up. and make me a sammich"

milf20 0

haha my bf did that too, I tend to talk alot sometimes. no worries. lol

apoll 0

RWJ squaids ftw

I think we need a code word for the "make me a sammich" people.

FYLDeep 25

code word is "snickerdoodles"

Or... "who gotta penis? bitch gotta penis."

How about "asshole"?

ahaha funny thats not that bad... you should of said a code word when he asked you that saying that you were already annoyed

blueeyes24 0

Tell him you need one for when the sex isn't that good...

how's this a fml?

niibee 0

i agree lol it is perfect

Shae84 0

is that what your bf says? I vote horseface.

How about "Craphatch", as in......... Honey,you're being a craphatch!!

Ha ha ha. Thats hilarious [: I mean.. FYL. But thats great [:

No offense Shae84, but regardless of what you think she looks like, you haven't even unloaded a picture...

dropkickgorgeous 0

LMAO... Me and my bf have a code it's: Game Over! We get a little outrageous with it and in its own right it's annoying. However it does help, the trick is not to take it personally.

I just lost... :-( Sounds like it would be effective though especially if you say it around others who are playing lol