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By armywife980 - This FML is from back in 2011 but it's good stuff

Today, after teaching my 4 year-old son about the concept of "Stranger Danger," we had gone to a park full of people. When I walked up to him to tell him we had to leave, he ran, screaming, "Stranger! Don't touch me!" FML
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maybe you should have been more specific as to who is the stranger hahah

Are you positive that was your son?


maybe you should have been more specific as to who is the stranger hahah

Hmm yes I think your son and this concept need some work lol.

The kid's got the right idea though - stranger danger is a myth, and the most likely to abuse a child is a family member or an acquaintance/friend...

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"we had gone the park full of people"? It should be "gone TO A park." That gets you an automatic YDI from me.

hahaha try being more specific next time! lol :)

yeah 11 I was going to say that. 90% of sexually abused children know the molester.

90% of rapes start with a head touch -touches head- 10% of rapes start with a shoulder touch -touches shoulder- theresa 100% chance im going to rape yuh :D

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well, next time don't touch him.

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lol dat boy need a a** whoopn #kids des days

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Are you positive that was your son?

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hahaha that backfired

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The karens likely are positive it isn’t, and are dialing 911 as we speak to talk to the operator manager.

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Ah yes, the infamous Royal Blowjob

Hahahaha, I'm imagining that "no stop, it's me! I want to go home with you now" wouldn't help xD

Wearing a Michael Jackson mask as you go to collect him might not have been such a good idea. In bad taste? Disrespectful? I don't give a shit.

Make sure I don't find you for disrespecting him. I will bomb you subtly, something Osama never achieved.

and now he will never be able to...

There were many things Osama did that I disliked, but I have to admit he was the worlds best hide and go seek player.

I think the government was defending him. Either that or Pakistan is so backward, they don't keep records of house occupants.

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#6 That was kind of rude and disrespectful. Why would you say something like that?

I'll agree there. That or the people who found him must have pwned at the Where's Wally books.

Relax, he's hilarious

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LMFAO.!Hilarious Convo:)

He? I don't know whether to be offended or flattered that someone thinks I have a pair of actual balls. I'll settle for the latter, thanks.

Well your balls have been replaced with cheese... I got no dairy jokes here.

Indeed they have. Looks like I'll have to become flexible, I enjoy cheese.

just wanted to say, as far as Pakistan government not knowing who lived in the house. think about Americas own illegal immigrant problem. we don't even know evveryone in our own country. just sayin...

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ambowew is the funniest person ive ever seen on FML. Lol

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I'd have left his ass at the park. How dangerous could it be, he knows about stranger danger.

I believe an ass whipping is in order.

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Ooh kinky!

That kid has some strange issues.

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Get better at explaining?

obviously he was taking advantage of it, some spanking is in order.

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the things kids say when they don't want to do something. haha. how embarrassing though.