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Today, my plates on my car were stolen. On the way to the police station to file a police report I was pulled over. They impounded my car for driving without a license plate. FML
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ns0 tells us more.

Here's the whole story; I got up one morning for work, went to my car, plates were stolen (just the back). I called the police in SLC, UT (801)-799-3000 (non-emergency). The dispatcher took my information and told me she'd mark the plates as stolen but i'd need to file a report to get a replacement plates from the DMV (the DMV doesn't allow you to get duplicates unless you file a police report for lost/stolen plates so you cant have multiple cars and multiple tags). The dispatcher told me a police officer could meet me there in an hour however i was already late for work and the police department is about 9 blocks away from my place so i (YDI, i know) decided I would drive down there really quickly and file a report. WITH a police report cops won't impound your car. Without the police report, they do -- and i've come to learn don't give a crap about your story. I was literally 3 blocks away from the police station when it happened. When I went in and filed a police report (after having to walk the remaining 3 blocks) the police officer told me that I can fight the impound by fighting the charge, and since I now have a valid police report they will refund the impound fee. BTW i got pulled over on my way to the DMV with the police report after I got my car out of the impound and the police officer happily let me go. Lesson learned, just wait for the cop, but I was in a hurry and late for work.

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You should have expected that. You're not allowed to drive without license plates. "It's more convenient to drive there than to seek other methods of transportation" is not an excuse.

BTW the police said people steal plates to commit other crimes in their own car without it being traced back to them. (i.e. rob a bank and the plates someone may write down are meaningless and it means they don't have to steal a car to rob a bank, they can just use their own.)


damn ! =[

Is it everything you hoped it would be?

WTF? I didn't reply to this comment.

This. Cell phones ftw.

Nah. He deserves it. He should have called 911 before driving.

I remember clicking YES on this in the moderate page :)

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why didn't OP use a phone and call? or say something to the officer?

I would call the cop over to where -I- was!

Would you of been prepared to wait an hour while they finished their pies and pastries and got off their lazy asses to actually do some work, instead of picking on easy victums? Lol. I dunno what it's like where you all live but here I am, they won't do shit. And what they do, is only to be c*nts.

So waiting "an hour" for the police to arrive is more of an inconvenience than driving without plates and getting pulled over and having your car towed? I don't get it. Some how it just seems like the logical thing to do would be to *find* a phone (I won't assume you have one) and call 911. Have the police come to you. There's a novel concept. When my car was sideswiped in front of my house, I didn't drive it to the police station to file a report. I called and they came to me. funny how that works, huh?

You should have expected that. You're not allowed to drive without license plates. "It's more convenient to drive there than to seek other methods of transportation" is not an excuse.

Hey, TheTruth1428: I hope some day you're parallel parked, and someone breaks a window and steals all your quarters. That way, when you can't feed the meter, you get a parking ticket. Have a little sympathy. Admittedly, the OP could have handled the situation better, but it's not like they deserved that. Edit: I don't know why it replied to this post, since it's definitely not the one I clicked on... >.>

If they are already parked they already put the money in the meter.

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you see god made this cool thing called a phone

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#53: Um, no, GOD didn't make phones. But people did invent them.

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FAIL! You still drove a car without a license plate!

why are comments disappearing as i refresh the page, including my own?

#8 That's the way my brain works 24/7. The good news is I don't have to waste my money on weed and time finding a dealer. The bad news is I can't get un-baked.

... but on the bright side his FML got submitted. That makes it all worth it.

My comments are not ending up in the right place. I don't even know who I was responding, too. Eh.

ok that was kind of funny Plex

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didnt you tell them you were on ur way there?

Superbad ftw, but fake ID isnt the way to go for OP :/ have a little common sense next time before you decide on impulse your actions.

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Obviously. What else did you expect them to do? You can't drive without plates. No matter what the reason is.

uhm? call the police?