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yeah, she goes through phases where she says she's Christian. We dated for about a year, we started dating and she sat me down to ask if I was a Christian too. We had sex 3 weeks into our relationship, and then for another 9 months, and we stopped to 'get closer to God' And I also think it was around that time she started nailing my friend. And she still has yet to understand why I don't want to talk to her
By feenix89 - / Monday 9 February 2009 23:41 / United States
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By  vvtumblesbee  |  0

Thank you #22 (and #23). I can accept the fact that there are people here who are angry at people who are hypocritical and use religion to their own means. But I can't accept some of these comments people are making about "don't date religious people," "screw religion," "don't date Christians," etc. I myself am Christian, and I am angry at the hypocrisy as well. I have had two serious relationships; I found out I was being cheated on after four years in the first one, and I have been in my current relationship for four years. I have never cheated, and have never thought of cheating. If you truly believe in a higher power, you don't try to manipulate that power into what is convenient for you.

By  17Master  |  0

That sucks.

To you people who are saying "all religious people do that" or the like, shut up with your horribly inaccurate generalizations made solely to attack people that you don't even know the first thing about.

By  xocassylovesyou  |  0

She probably is Catholic, most Catholic people play that card. I should know, I am a Lutheran girl attending a private Catholic school.

Anyways, that is really rude of her, and is a terrible excuse for her wrong duings. You are wayyyy better off without her.


By  Rota  |  0

A prime example of why religion is not needed to have morals. I wish our race as a whole would grow out of this outdated idea of religion. Sadly I won't be seeing it in my lifetime.


If you don't have morals, you aren't religious. There's a difference between say your christian, for example, and actually being christian. And in this case, I doubt her even mentioning religion had anything to do with actually thinking (wrongly) that she was religious. She just used it as an excuse.

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