By Daniel_rules - 17/04/2009 17:02 - United States

Today, my friend was pulled over and told to get out of the car. The officer motioned for me to get out of the car too so I reached behind me to get my shoes. He then pointed his gun at my face and frantically asked my friend if I had a gun. My friend calmly replied "No, but shoot him anyway." FML
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Whoa, that 's a friend! Remember to seduce his girlfriend/ Get his mom pregnant/ turn his sister fat by feeding her only sweets/ train his dog to pee on his bed/ and make him lose his job.. But no hards feelings, huh?

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Hahaha feeling loved?


Is he still your friend? If not, good cuz that was messed up, even if he was joking.

kellster 2

Why the hell weren't you wearing shoes? And why would you reach for anything instead of just getting out of the car? If you're that much of a douche, perhaps your friend is right...

threer 30

Yep.. He deserves to get shot for making the mistake of grabbing for shoes. How dare he?!

TheDrifter 23

I'd have shot him for putting his nasty sock feet all over my car. Shoes stay on the feet and on the mat. Anywhere else is unacceptable.

ur friend sounds like a LOSERRRRRRR & agreeeed, why werent u wearing shoes? weirdo. u derserved that one suckaaa

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yeah dude, you brought that on yourself. when a cop is asking you to step out of a car or anything like that, you don't do anything other than exactly what he says (so long as it's reasonable; there are corrupt cops out there, but that's another topic entirely), and if you need to, you ask permission first. they're trained to understand anything else as a threat and one of the perks of their job is that that kind of suspicion can be used to justify shooting you. in the face. YDI, basically.

hahaha thats a good one

Seriously #5 that is a major overreaction. His friend was kidding. A cop is not gonna shoot him after his friend already said he didn't have a gun.

now you know why we dont take our shoes off in the car.

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Yes number 12, its completely IMPOSSIBLE that ANYONE wouldn't be wearing shoes. I mean, who wants to feel fresh air on their body when you could have tight, sweaty pieces of cloth on your feet? That's just crazy...

LMFAO ! you have a nice friend...

A friend of mine from Ireland was driving in one of the emptier western states.... I think it was Nevada there were no cars for miles around but there was a roadsign saying "Speed limit enforced by airplane", He and his buddy thought "Yeah, right... Floor it!" They reached 110mph, before they heard a cop's siren coming up behind them so they pulled over. My buddy got out of the car to talk to the cop, as he would have done back home. The cop immediately drew his gun telling him "to get back in the goddamn car." It probably didn't help that my buddy is 6'4" and weighs about 230lbs. Suitably chastened, he got back behind the wheel. The cop relaxed a bit when he realized that as a guest in the country, my buddy didn't know how to act if pulled over. "Sir, do you know how fast you were going?" "Um.... no?" (he knew damn well it was 110mph) "You were clocked at 92 miles per hour" "Is that all? Sweet!" He had to pay a fine, but found the differences in law enforcement styles fascinating.

Cool story, bro...