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By niteeshvasist - 8/11/2019 13:22
Today, my best friend started acting weirdly. What should I feel if someone, who texts me everyday, shares everything with me, with whom I can share everything, starts behaving weirdly and doesn’t text me properly, all of a sudden? FML
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By  BadAtPuns  |  24

You should definitely talk to them about it. If you guys share everything, make this a thing. Say outright that you feel that there's something weird, ask what's going on. If they don't start a conversation with you about it, be gentle, but let them know how it's making you feel, and that if they have a problem, you want to help with it, or be there with it. If they won't talk to you about it, but it's a thing they're going through not a problem with you, then just wait it out while they deal with it, and keep being the good friend you are while they go through whatever it is. If it's a simpler problem, like they've started a romance, or someone or something is coming between the two of you, you need to hash that out, and make a decision about how to move forward from there with what may be a new dynamic.
It's always rough when relationships heel-turn, but talking often helps and rarely makes it worse.

  BadAtPuns  |  24

Then open communication is definitely the way to go. She may have sensed something about your feelings and isn't sure how to process them, or doesn't want to act on them without knowing for sure. She may want to talk to you about stuff but not know how to broach the subject. Even if she's not into you the same way, clearing the air will make it easier to move forward from this point, rather than guessing, second-guessing, and driving yourself nuts never knowing for sure what's going on here.