By milksquad - / Sunday 30 July 2017 13:00 /
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By  tantanpanda  |  26

From my experience, the messy ones who live in filth are usually used to their parents cleaning up after them. This is why you make your kids do chores. You not having to do them is just a little bonus *wink*

By  GhostFox  |  33

If they have separate rooms, start slowly hiding trash in their rooms. Eventually they'd get so many bugs they'll go looking for a cause and then will likely be grossed out enough to clean properly.

Alternatively, if there's someone who is an inspector for the place, talk to them about how unhygienic they are. They'll probably investigate and either make them clean it and warn that if it happens again, they're gone; or just straight up tell them to get their asses in gear finding a different place to live because they're receiving their notice of eviction. Any decent land lord will do one of the two, since poor hygiene damages the value of a rental space, especially if it has to be sprayed or otherwise requires professional exterminators.


sadly bugs tend to ignore room limitation you'd still end uo with some in your things and the owner on your back, cause you're thebgrown up around and the others will just manage to avoid the trouble they caused and have you deal with it, cause thats what unrown up adults do... in my experience

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