This is a Nearly FML. It’s an FML, nearly. It got positive votes from the users, by wasn’t approved by our team.
By Zel - / Tuesday 22 January 2019 00:00 /
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People like this give men a bad name. I'd personally do anything I could to make sure my girlfriend is treated like a princess as she deserves to be... whenever I get one😅 , but seriously, I'm truly sorry he's so inconsiderate. Not all people are like that I promise.

  simmpandher  |  24

Not all guys are like you then. Talk is cheap, actions prove it all 🤷🏽‍♀️

  maroongrad  |  13

yep...my husband takes care of me when I'm sick and I do the same for him. That's what it means when you love someone...you want what is best for them.

Apparently, that dick only loves himself. Definitely time to ditch him and find an actual man who knows how to act like a man...and that means taking care of those you care about.

By  WeirdUS  |  27

Red flag without for sure more so if this isn't the first time he's done it. Behavior like this doesn't suddenly change and is usually a big sign of their personality in general.

By  simmpandher  |  24

So, you clearly have a teenager living with you as opposed to a man. You can do better honey! ❤ KNOW YOUR WORTH!

By  julfunky  |  26

Whether or not your dumbass partner cleaned shouldn’t change the fact that you need to stay resting. A mess today or a mess tomorrow, makes no difference. Don’t force your body into overtime; the cleaning can wait.

And maybe reconsider your choice in partners.