By ShanghaiSamuel - 30/01/2018 22:00 - China - Shanghai

Today, a basketball opponent ran into my elbow and hurt himself. He called me to the hospital and, to be a good person, I went to check on him. It turns out he reported me to the police to try and get money out of me. Now I'm stuck at the station while they “investigate”. FML
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“Ran into” your elbow? Right! You owe him two foul shots!

Lobby_Bee 17

Welcome to China, where everyone is a scumbag that tries to rip you off whenever they can.

Zachary8261 28

Can you do a single thing about it? I’m not sure if Chinese laws, but this sounds illegal.

Chris_1163187222 15

I doubt he will be able to get anything out of you because (1) the quotation marks on "investigate" makes it seem like the police are not buying it either, (2) there must have been other players or even witnesses who can help you defend you, and (3) it is not like you broke his rib cage or something, and even then, there is a risk with every sport. Last but not least, I have heard countless stories of how those living in China create a scene whenever they can in hope of getting money out of people (i.e. famous video of a woman who kept on running after a car and pretends that it hit her when it backed away). Sorry that you have to go through such ordeal though!

Unless "investigate" means they have already decided OP's fate and they're just doing this so it doesn't look shady. The scammer could have gotten them in on it for all we know. Hopefully that doesn't happen, as it is unlikely. Still possible though.

Yet another reason I don't play sports. ever

TheBipolarMutant 2

assholes they're everywhere. I can relate being a nice person as well and all😟