Some things haven't changed

By Jonathan - This FML is from back in 2011 but it's good stuff - Denmark

Today, my mom banned me from watching The Simpsons and Family Guy because apparently, they're part of "the Devil's plan to corrupt God's children." FML
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seraphxchild 3

Just show her the Jesus episode of Family guy, she'll give in.

That's like saying you can't drink anything but holy-water FYL


iztherainbow 0

hahahahahahahaha that sux watch it on hulu on ur computer

persianjr1 7

when i moderare, does yes mean "show it" or "dont show it"

pwincessa23 1

show it. ur saying "yes, this is an FML"

so sorry you cant watch your tv shows and im sure so do the millions of starving Africans

WTF, 13? Seriously? Why would "yes" mean "no, it's not an FML"?

mayoral26 0

lmao that sux !!

Do I hear westboro?!

Do I hear westboro?!

YDI Family Guy sucks South Park is better

cheeksMcgeeks 3

OHHHMAAGAWD N00 WAY! DOGS ARE BE- oh excuse me. I believe Family guy is better.

Except for Hulu not being available outside the US, that's a great idea.

vsx2000goton 0 You did not hear this from me.

JesseOhNine 0

who did I hear it from??? I wish the voices would go away!!!

sicwitit 0

what does it mean when you call the writer op


Octupus prostate? That's just what someone told me, don't quote me on this.

118- Obese prostitute.

LOLbomb 1

Can't touch me! Except you. You can touch me. >.>

testthecoal 5

optimus prime

they are stupid shows anyway

I don't know if you're talking about the same thing but, if someone says "This isn't an FML right?" You would say "Yes, it isn't an FML", if you agree with them. Not sure if that applies to the whole scheme here, but it's good to know anyways. :P

sicwitit 0

well his name is banana buddy

SilenceIsSilver 0

Sounds like Mother of the corn :P

#3, you look just like me!!! (urgh except with better skin) wow that's really sickening, OP, i'm the only atheist in a huge Muslim family but atleast I can watch the simpsons :)

Bofopio 0

#296 that's awesome that u r atheist out of ur whole family. do u get in trouble for that?

oh atheist out of a Muslim family. that's worse. hope you can be all right then

SilenceIsSilver 0

Wow... I'm the only athiest in my huge Muslim family too .-. I kinda wanna see what you look like now. I have bad skin too btw:P that's just a good picture so you can't rlly tell.

I'm an atheist too. But just out of a whole Christian family. It's really awkward at family gatherings..

Moo_Horse 0

im atheist out of a christian family and my friends tol me not tobtell people at school because theyvtease the athiests:( my mom totally tried to get me to rethink things it was sad

prince122 0

296 u lucky person I'm muslim and if I wanna be atheist I'd get ma ass whooped (with emphasis on the H like stewie says) but I'm a happy Muslim and am not saying I wanna be atheist.

That's like saying you can't drink anything but holy-water FYL

this is why I hate Christianity

Is that a good reason to hate someone?

165-Christians are not like this. This women is just an extremist.

@max_wilder: Screw you pal. Christianity is awesome and if more people followed it properly there wouldn't be so much rampant violence, teenage pregnancy, starvation, and greed. You're just mad because Jesus has more followers! If you can't tell, I'm half sarcastic but most Christian religions are peaceful, whereas Muslim religion demands the murder of anyone not willing to convert. If you say anything about Jews and genocide, that's old testament, get with the times. Sincerely, -The Troll-

Actually, 196, Christian colonists demanded the murder of nonconverting natives, while Muslim colonists did not. Since my statement does have the potential to piss people off, let me add that my comments do not reflect the views and opinions of the u.s. government or any of its subordinate organizations.

196- im Hindu and i have nothing against Christians and Muslims and Jews(im bestfriends with all 3, actually) but i really dislike when others trash on peoples beliefs. &not all Muslims are like that, trust me. But yeah discriminating others doesnt make God love you doesnt matter what God you believe in. Dont hate on others because they're not Christians.

Murder of Jews is not from the old testament - The old testament is stories from before Jesus Christ was born, so Christians murdering Jews would be impossible. Also, Islam specifically says that followers should try to convert others, but avoid conflict where possible. As to Christianity stopping "rampant violence, teenage pregnancy, starvation, and greed," you should know that your God has actually caused all of these to happen before in the Bible - Well, maybe not teenage pregnancy. I'm not sure - and your god also has done NOTHING to stop it. For the record, I am atheist. EDIT: Did #196 just get erased...?

Bofopio 0

The Simpsons and Family Guy are the dumbest shows, they use to be cool but now they make so many random jokes that it becomes corny.

both shows are fairly sacrilegious, so I personally view that as a valid argument from her religious standpoint. it's important to respect parents, cause the ones that make ludicrous rules off of inaccurate conjecture are often the ones who love the most.

you all need to go buy some friends -.-

Rakistazz 0

Southpark is much better than those two...

Are you saying that Family Guy has any ounce of logic in it?

Ckkc1 0

#235, you are an idiot...

its only a tv show

They are actually sa satirical look at society if it is sacreligus its due to the ills of society.

I think there r some friends on sale at target right now!! :D GO BUY SOME!!!!

Katy326 10

Agreed with #235.

PunxsatownyPhil 0

284 is an idiot.

MassEffectNerd 0

why do religious people see everything that happens as an attack on their religion.

sounds like tou guys need life

Ok really guys? If you're really religious, stick to your religion. Yes, some of those shows are "vulgar" and "inappropriate", but they're just SHOWS. You should be secure enough in your own religions to not act like fools.

#298 that was based off nothing, but foolish opinion.

Iluvpaul98 0

-high fives- xD

your mom is a dumb bitch

Um… what are you smoking? How are the simpsons and family guy sacrelgious? Have you ever seen them or are you talking shit?

311 wins. that is all

actually I sorta understand what she's saying

Religion, bringing together the world torn apart by religion!

looking back at my old comments from years ago make me cry a little bit. btw since this fml ive seen every family guy. i was simply partial to ops mother as my mother did the exact same thing, so i felt the need to defend my own mother by defending ops.

seraphxchild 3

Just show her the Jesus episode of Family guy, she'll give in.

SilenceIsSilver 0

^ Great idea, I second this.

I third this :)

Jesus plays call of duty, have you guys ever here the word?


I heard the bird is the word.

109 - Not anymore, I fucking shot that bird.

KingDingALing 9

Then after Zinoxity shot the bird, I brutally raped it.

And after kingdingaling brutally raped it, i put it in the oven then ravenously ate it. It surprisingly had the distinct flavoring of sperm.

C6Racer 0

Distinct? As in you've had it before? Hmm.

aaaah, nothing satisfies my Internet fetish like trolls

rciccone 0

c6racer his name is banana buddy ofcourse he has has it before... xD haha

C6Racer 0

I didn't even notice that, rciccone. Good catch!

that's my favorite type of retard!

I 87 every point on this list of comments!!!!!!!!!!! I LIKE CHOCOLATE.

AwesomessMaximus 4

That sucks.

My mom wouldn't let me watch Angry Beavers when I was little (I still did, though. Now I'm 16, and she probably wouldn't let me see movies that have minor sexual/nudity and lots of swearing and violence. My parents suck. :( Though, I still did watch Angry Beavers when I was little, and I just torrent movies. ^_^ EDIT: God damnit, I meant to reply this to 7. Oh well, close enough I guess?

TayonaC 10

oh i remember that show <3 what as bad about angry beavers?

TayonaC 10


Shes talking of the Illuminati, obviously.

Shenronlock 7

Wow, if she's scared of shows like that, then the average rated R movie would make her head explode...

That's what I was thinking, the mom obviously was deprived of this stuff as a child. Her parents must of been the same. crazy.

KiddNYC1O 20

Tell your mom she's just like Peter's dad.

persianjr1 7

I second this. ew

yohooooooo 5

there is nothing wrong with that.

ew..thats gross..

Aaaaaaaand ew

AlienX_fml 0

lol. that sucks... just sneak it like every other 8 year old does. wait... how old r u? at least she didnt ban u from Fuck My

missy1228 2

Damn it 13 is hot

dudeitsdanny 9

Unless this is snickerdoodles.. In which case, yes. Yes, she did. I miss snickerdoodles. She was my favorite anti-troll(anti used in the same way as in anti-hero).

the humor on those shows suck and that is all they are about

wait, your yelling me that the comedy show is all about humor.

Thank you! Family Guy is full of a bunch of lame humour and jokes and is not funny at all. Extremely over rated....

Takador 3

15- wtf a shiny Ho-Cario ( Luca-Oh, Ho-Rio, Lu-Oh...?) lul

zowieandzander77 1

you obviously don't get the jokes if you don't find that show funny.

thank you waffles! it is seriously overrated. my husband made me watch a couple episodes but I feel stupider after watching. I do get the jokes, I'm just not into immature high school "humor".

Schlimpikins 0

Some people are just too dumb to get the jokes, poor dumb people.

135 You felt "stupider" huh?

Christi44n 0

No, it's not that they are too dumb to get the jokes, it's that we are too smart to think the jokes are funny. family guy is definately over rated and stale, but the simpsons is good. new jokes in every episode, whereas family guy is flashback after flashback after flashback. not funnya after one or two episodes.

Family Guy isn't funny the the jokes are lame and to the retarded side. Simpsons atleast has a bit of smart humor left in it.

221 Exactly my point! Every episode of Family Guy has about 5 flashbacks with lame , immature humour that really is not funny in the slightest bit.

zowieandzander77 1

The connections to pop culture and news are genius... Stewie saying " it puts the lotion on" to a girl stuck in a well, Peter riding falcor and chris getting pulled onto the ah ha video. Amazing. Plus the episode where they break into bush's ranch... Priceless. Humor is subjective I suppose.

^Of course. I receive many more laughs from these idiots having arguments which are not intended to be funny than from Family Guy or the Simpsons. Also, although I like South Park, I want to throw that 70s show out there too. The older ones.

Miss_Jazzalyn 4

Eck. That's annoying. (Though, I think my parents banned me from watching some shows when I was younger. I still watched them when they weren't around.)