Get that bussy

By Matt - This FML is from back in 2011 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, I was late for the bus. I chased after it for 3 blocks until I realized that the bus driver was laughing at me trying to catch her. FML
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Wow, that bus driver is an asshole. FYL.

what a bitch!! track her down and kick her stupid bus-driver ass


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Aww that's sucks

Thats nothing a bus driver nearly killed me 2 days ago. I was crossing on green for me :(

Why would you continue for 3 blocks? If that ever happened to me, I would run for like a few seconds then stop if the driver wasn't stopping. For that, ydi.

I swear I've seen this exact fml multiple times.

Most bus drivers are dicks! They usually close the door on me or as I'm walking onto the bus they'll close the door and I'll get stuck in between the doors, and that's so embarrassing! Oh well, at least now I can drive. :D

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I know I think I read this fml too.

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I hate bus drivers

Wow, that bus driver is an asshole. FYL.

what a bitch!! track her down and kick her stupid bus-driver ass

I couldn't imagine it being difficult to find her... just stand at the bus stop lol

ahh therein lies the problem as op is late.

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reminds me of Otto from the Simpsons.

Or Ms. Crabtree from South Park :)

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or Peter Parker from spiderman


That sucks xD... FYL. Did she at least stop to let you on after she stopped laughing or something?

have we determined whether this is a school bus or a city bus? if it's a school bus fyl but if it's a city bus, wait for the next one ydi

It happened to me too. That's why i bought a car.

and that is why there's a hole in the ozone layer.

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I'n pretty sure a bus gives off more waste than a car. Just saying.

yeah but atleast each person isn't driving a car.

And the person above is one of the reasons I hate politics to the extreme! :)

what's your point

they're such jerks. I just give them the finger and they can't get out of their safe little federal protected seating area! nd no, I don't think he/she stopped. it's like they get their salary based on the amount of passengers they pick up

next time just throw a big rock at the bus, once she stops just walk right by her like u don't see her.

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that tatoo is BADASS

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a little to badass if you ask me. lol. that's HUGE!!!!

And.... thats what she said? (please nobody kill me)