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By ISpokeToHerOnceInPE - United States - San Francisco

Creepy creepy lemon squeezy

Today, I found out that a former high school classmate has been telling everyone that me and her are best friends. I haven't spoken to her in 10 years. FML
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By  young_stud  |  14

She's been telling people you're friends? That's just awful. How dare she drag your good name through the dirt like that! You should sue her for public defamation OP.

By  Eloise92  |  3

That's actually really sad. She wouldn't be doing that unless she was very lonely and friendless. It's clear that she looks up to you in some way, I doubt she's a creep. if she knows that you know, it's likely that she is extremely embarrassed. Some people are just arkward and do weird shit, it doesn't make her bad or dangerous.