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Clerks 3: Randall the Pharmacist

By Reliable - / Wednesday 8 March 2017 22:00 /
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  Arashikage  |  18

You're acting as if OP did this deliberately, there have been times when people have plugged in their phones during the night only to wake up and see that the plug wasn't in all the way. People make mistakes

  Brain_fart  |  19

Geez...way to kick him when he's down. It sounds like he sets a seperate alarm AND his phone died. I've set my alarm for PM instead of AM before and had to rush out the door to avoid being late... it's called a brain fart...Have a heart.

By  interesting33  |  36

I think some of these comments are pretty harsh. we are all human and we all make mistakes. it is horrible that OP works in a job where mistakes could have big consequences. I hope it worked out OP and no one urgently needed medication. hopefully now you'll take big steps to ensure it doesn't happen again.take care OP.

By  Migole  |  36

The "and" suggests that the normal alarm didn't go off and the extra alarm on the phone also failed because it died during the night, which makes it a little more understandable to me.

  C8H18  |  33

Completely missed the part where I wrote "my alarm AND my phone. Reading must be hard for you. My alarm clock didn't go off because of a power outage during the night. Phone is my backup, which died despite having 60% battery when I went to bed.