At least someone's happy…

By reckless182 - This FML is from back in 2009 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, I had to tell my 10 year-old son that his father and I are getting a divorce. His reply? "Yes! I call living with dad!" FML
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At least he's taking it well.


Awe, well yeah kids can be pretty harsh.


At least he's taking it well.

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You poor soul :(. But really, women have an advantage on winning the kids over. American court system ftw.

Ouch. This one is pretty rough. I kinda feel bad for adding this to "my favorites". I guess I like to favor other people's problems.

How is that an advantage? It just means your court system is flawed and biased in favour of women. That's not an equal society.

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women can get away with anything in this society!!! and dnt wrry a boy wants to go with his dad, a girl wants to go with mom.

Thumbs down to #100 and 103 for being attention whores who insist on having their comments up top.

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Are you kidding me? I would live with my dad if I had a choice. I'm a girl and hate my mom.

me too madzi! except I'm not a girl


it's his father and that's the first time I ever done that.

154 it's his father and i

BaDumTsss_fml 23

Not necessarily #109, I prefer my dad too

That's really weird... maybe he's looking forward to getting twice as many birthday and christmas presents?

no, I wonder WHY he said, "I call living with dad"? maybe he doesn't like you... or maybe your mean to him...

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#3 is the only comment that has ever made sense to me


Awe, well yeah kids can be pretty harsh.

How is this harsh? Clearly, OP is a bitch and BOTH family members are going to be glad to be rid of her!

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Well, at least he's not completely devastated. Don't take it too personally, though, since boys often would prefer to live with their dads if they could only have one parent.

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buy him a truck

Should we be expecting an FML from him soon about his dad rejecting him after his parents divorce and him calling living with him thus making it awkward if he lived with you?... Although he is 12 but hey, you never know. FYL tho.

I like what u said #7 haha but isnt he 10 o well same diff

I agree. I've been in the same position. My parents divorced when I was 7. I was forces to live with my mom though.

Perhaps it'll hit him later? Unless he's been expecting it... :S

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your probably a bad mother and he likes his dad more. the good news is you're no longer a terrible wife

Or maybe the son just likes his dad more. Don't jump to conclusi-- Wait. This is FML.

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aaw that sucks. well he's just a kid. he doesnt understand now