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Today, I learned that the only reason most of my students come to my lectures is that they have a running bet on how many times I say "OK" in two hours. It was 137 last week. FML
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ironik69 31

OK, so here is today's work, OK, it may be a challenge, OK, but I know you can do it, OK. OK you understand? Good OK that's great, OK, good luck, OK.


ironik69 31

We did this to our geography teacher except it was how many times he could say "guys" in a 40min class. The record was 142

enonymous 8

I played this game with shots. 137 shots should not be done... I woke up in a motel similar to The Hangover with an actual baby Carlos

Andr913 13

That's OK OK OK OK, at least they're listening!

My teacher does that too. His record was 200.

alliewillie 22

That's more than once a minute. I would HATE sitting through your lectures. On another note, one of my current professors does this, except he goes "ehhh?"

Did this with my science teacher. She ended up saying "M'kay" 83 times before everyone started laughing.

ardencred 7

drugs are bad mmkk mmk mmmmmkkkk

Hannahrayne 0

People have dint that to me too brahh your not alone:)

Mr. Gohier, my geography teacher, says mkay EXACTLY like that one guy in south park. I think his record was 150 in a 75min. period

detroitsucks247 3

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detroitsucks247 3

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detroitsucks247 3

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detroitsucks247 3

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detroitsucks247 3

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Felix_Felicis15 8

My band teacher says 'Terrific' all the time. I have yet to count how many times he says it in a forty minute period, however.

At least you guys don't have a teacher stuck in the 80's, Texas. It's "y'all," and "nifty," and "hip." Just horrible -_-

hilary56 0

Seems like a rational reason to show up

yougotapes 7

Hey at least they didn't make it a drinking game:D

nevergo 10

I did this all the time with my english teacher. In 45 minutes her top was 62 times.

At least they attend your lectures and are seemingly attentive lol.

falloutboylove7 0

lol we used to do that to my chem teacher to see how many times he would say mmm-kay during class and every period would do that.. it was over 100 in just my 40 min class but after he got comfortable with us sinxe he was new it wasnt as frequent

slushpup9696 12
rallets 22
rallets 22

ahh damn this commenting system :O

rallets 22

Charming anecdote my friend! Good show!

OK, so here is today's work, OK, it may be a challenge, OK, but I know you can do it, OK. OK you understand? Good OK that's great, OK, good luck, OK.

It's called a verbal pause. Some people say "umm" or "uhh." Others, like you, interject other words.

13FTW 9

Yes, I have heard of this uhh verbal pause. I think it's rather umm interesting. Ok, Im done.

Could be worse...apparently my swear words double as my verbal pause words.

alejandratx 8
danielabella94 0

At least you're getting payed :)

bradenstrs 0

At least they didn't make a drinking game out of it...........yet;P