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By Anonymous - This FML is from back in 2011 but it's good stuff - United States

Today, I had a job interview. The interviewer asked me to give 5 adjectives describing myself. I listed 7. The last one being "listener." FML
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Should've thrown in an eighth and said "Ironic."

lol Perhaps you should have listened.


lol Perhaps you should have listened.

1# thanks captain obvious 5 adjectives that describe me would be, filthy, grotesque, powerful, breakable and annoying.

haha! he's breakable! kill the family guy!

Thanks alot for that. I'm far too stupid to realise that, -.-

9 you stole my thing from the other fml how dare you sir.

Yes, exactly. No shit. Why do you think I said that?

Because you can only spout the most inane and painfully obvious of observations?

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Tell him/her that there are just too many words to limit it to 5.

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ya great listening skills... I bet you didn't get that job, YDI

especially since "listener" is not an adjective.

19 - You might want to think twice about that. Listener is used to describe a person who listens well. :|

Scratch that, I just realized that a listener would be a noun, not an adjective :L

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Should've thrown in an eighth and said "Ironic."

No the 8th should have been 'over-achiever'.

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YDI for getting a job at burger king.

yer! OP why get a job and earn money for? there's no point in that. just live of the money that daddy15 earns and pays as tax.