By MyS3lf / Tuesday 19 April 2011 02:33 / United States
FML - The follow-up
pdp_fml Say more :
You obviously don't know how to debate an issue. Sorry YDI op. This will get me thumbs down, but I don't care.
By shreking_bawl - / Friday 14 November 2014 18:39 / Norway
FML - The follow-up
KereKris Say more :
OP here. I guess this needs a follow-up. I was in a sailing boat with some friends and although there were big waves, the wind wasn't too strong so we thought it would be safe sailing. We were wrong about that. An exceptionally big wave came up from behind. The boat started surfing uncontrollably down from it and eventually flipped. I was caught by a rope and dragged under water. Fortunately I had...
By KereKris - / Thursday 14 January 2016 12:11 / Netherlands
By jordanss / Thursday 11 November 2010 18:02 / United States
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