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FML - The follow-up
Parentalfailure Say more :
This is OP, here to clear a few things up. For the person who asked, it was a male/female couple. He had pulled out a knife on the girl and that set the guy into attack mode or something, since he started punching my son in the face. The girl pushed him down and then the guy pinned him till the cops showed up. Yes, the call came from him asking for bail, which I did NOT post. He has been involved in...
By Parentalfailure - / Monday 22 July 2013 21:06 / United States - Garner
FML - The follow-up

Today, my dog brought me a a dead rabbit. It so happened to be the rabbit a group of neighborhood kids were looking for after they lost it yesterday. I just had to hide a body for my dog. FML

savannahsboxxx Say more :
I love my phone any who they came out and said she'll have to pass a test or she'll have to go on a dangerous dog list. I personally will know she'll pass but it's not like I trained her to kill there rabbit it was animal instant. It happened in my yard while she was on a tie out. so it's there fault for not being responsible with there rabbit.
By savannahsboxxx - / Saturday 11 July 2015 12:09 / United States
By Anonymous / Monday 23 July 2012 08:08 / United States - Rock Springs
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By sober - / Tuesday 10 July 2012 03:40 / United States - Hillsborough
FML - The follow-up

Today, my grandma walked into my house drunk. She was mumbling something about her being a badass because she beat someone with a pool stick at a bar. She's 68 years old. FML

dareyale Say more :
Hey guys OP here. Well I love my grandma but she always decides to come in during the early hours of the morning. She's always been like this. This one time when I was younger she took me on a wild hunt for her boyfriend. We pulled up outside an old motel and there he was. In a car. With a Hooker. My grandma jumped out the car and took off. She pulled them both out the car and started beating him....
By dareyale - / Friday 26 July 2013 06:10 / United States - Bessemer
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