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For everyone wondering, I work in a tiny ass town in France where we don't have much delivery to make compare to others and I had the smallest car of the fleet that day I had 3 rounds of 25-30 medium packages to deliver all of them with a mandatory signature. Nobody was home even though I was in time for each and everyone of them. Only this first round was Horrible the rest of the day (and the week)...
By patate - / Thursday 21 September 2017 21:02 /
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My first published fml! Hey everyone a little back story. The copper pipes where in the crawl space under the house. Easily accessible to everyone. The house sat empty for 9 years and was built in the 1940's with very little updates. I am remodeling it and thankfully there is home owners insurance on it. I am still out a chunk of money but not as much. The water was only on for a few minutes....
By NoWater - / Thursday 21 September 2017 13:56 / United States - Milwaukee
By sevenshotmovie - / Thursday 21 September 2017 07:00 / United States - Sheffield
By Anonymous - / Thursday 21 September 2017 06:00 / Colombia
By Obviously works everywhere - / Wednesday 20 September 2017 23:15 /
By Michael - / Wednesday 20 September 2017 16:00 /
By Goober - / Wednesday 20 September 2017 14:30 /
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Hey all OP here. I'm surprised this got published. But yes I did go to doctors and I got Xrays. Long story short is after the first sprain it became a problem during the winter months. My husband jokes that I like to kiss the sidewalk. I went to 2 doctors who just thought they were sprains and took xrays and saw nothing. One sent me to doctor #3 who thought my tendons were over stretched and sent me...
By "indienerdgirl" - / Wednesday 20 September 2017 09:35 /

Today, a day before my birthday, I'm submitting my unplanned resignation after receiving an applicant's phone call inquiring about my position. Because yep, there was already an ad for an opening in my position. FML

By beybmoo - / Wednesday 20 September 2017 03:45 / Singapore - Singapore
By floff - / Tuesday 19 September 2017 04:30 /
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