By StillDrowsy - / Friday 9 October 2009 12:29 / United States
By tim12345 / Monday 25 July 2011 16:08 / United States
FML - The follow-up

Today, I woke up to it raining. My area really needs it, so it's great. I didn't expect to wake up to a hole in the roof though. FML

mrningbrd Say more :
Hello im op. I live in california, so its nice to have rain. It rained so hard last night that there's a steady dribble of rain dripping on my bed. We're short on money right now though, so it'll be a while until it can be fixed
By mrningbrd / Tuesday 7 April 2015 12:38 / United States
By apparentlyugly - / Wednesday 10 December 2014 01:56 / United States - Henderson
By virginat16 - / Tuesday 14 December 2010 11:00 / United States

Today, my girlfriend confessed to cheating on me. Unfortunately, she's a pathological liar and I can't be sure if it's really true, along with half the stuff she tells me on a daily basis. Love is hard. FML

By Anonymous - / Sunday 15 February 2015 16:02 / United States - La Grande
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