By bunintheoven - / Tuesday 23 October 2012 04:21 / United States - Seligman
By Anonymous / Friday 15 February 2013 01:08 / United Kingdom - London
By anonymous / Saturday 16 October 2010 15:18 / Canada
FML - The follow-up

Today, I wanted to prove to my dad that I can drive, so that he'd let me use his car in future. Let's just say I helped him remove the fence that he was planning to repair. FML

nemesandr26 Say more :
OP here. Just to clarify it was a small fence(with decorative purposes), that you put next to flowers. Since the car is an SUV, I didn't see it. I didn't know it was there, because my dad took it from it's original place and put it on the grass.
By nemesandr26 - / Monday 14 April 2014 18:54 / Romania - Timisoara
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