FML - The follow-up
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Im the OP. Here's a bit more information on what happened, as the fml format only allows 300 characters. We were going to a Slayer and Megadeath show, so I dont know if anyone who said "bring your purse, der," has ever been to a heavy metal show, but its not exactly the safest place to be carrying around a bag as it can easily be lost/stolen/ripped off of you in the craziness of the mosh...
By givemechange / Wednesday 6 April 2011 09:27 / United Kingdom
By WELL FUCK YOU KINDLY, MA'AM - / Sunday 18 November 2012 21:22 / United States - Endicott
By bubblegummm13 / Sunday 27 September 2009 04:30 / Canada
By ineedsleep - / Thursday 30 October 2014 14:15 / Finland - J?rvenp
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