By Anonymous - / Tuesday 17 July 2012 08:00 / United States - North Pole
By theuglyfriend - / Tuesday 17 July 2012 06:09 / United States - Riverbank
FML - The follow-up
AlbertEinstein_ Say more :
This is my FML, i had to make an acc to comment! I know, people, this was so incredibly stupid!! I have no idea why the hell I thought that would be a good idea, I think I wanted to check if there was salt in it before I left the kitchen (no idea how smelling it would clarify) so that I wouldn't have to get back up! I totally deserved this one, and I will surely never, ever do this again! My original...
By AlbertEinstein_ - / Monday 16 July 2012 19:21 / Ireland
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