By Sick - / Tuesday 24 February 2009 20:34 / Canada
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Oh my god, I'm trying to hard to not laugh because my roommate is sleeping but that is hilarious! Probably because I always sleep on my arm, and when I wake up and try to scratch my face or something, I always wind up punching myself in the face.

Aww, that sucks x(. Whenever it's least convenient for you, or it would take the most effort for you to reach the phone, telemarketers call. It's a known fact. As a matter of fact, I've been there: I was once woken up by the phone ringing when I was home alone, and in my drowsiness, unable to open my eyes even half way, I fell down the stairs trying to get to it. I thought that woke me up a little, so I got off my bruised butt and stumbled into the kitchen to answer the phone, only to find it was a telemarketer. Plus, I'd been so late in getting to the phone, the whole conversation was recorded on my answering machine. I thought I'd done okay with the talking part while it was taking place considering I was half-asleep and aching all over, but realized that I sounded that way too when my parents came home and, with shit-eating grins on their faces, had me listen to the message. My mom almost fell over from laughing so hard. FML

Lmao!!! Omg I hate when that happens!! I thought there was a rapist touching my stomach and I freaked!! I screamed and jumped up and it was my arm.. Lol then my mom came in and thought I was dieing

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