By Anonymous - / Saturday 6 October 2012 18:27 / Philippines - Sucat
By FML_Elle / Saturday 6 October 2012 15:52 / United States
By Jex - / Saturday 6 October 2012 10:04 / United Kingdom - London
FML - The follow-up

Today, I wore a dress that I bought last weekend to work, thinking how I liked it and it fitted me perfectly, until someone at work told me that I was actually wearing a nightie. FML

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Hi yeah i know a lot of ya'll are thinking of how dumb am i to wear a nightie and not know the difference..for one thing, it was sold with other dresses and no it's not see through, it actually has an underskirt and the reason my colleague commented was due to the lacy neckline.. and i actually paired it off with a slacks and a cardigan, so no, i'm not working in a brothel though that made me LOL...people...
By Valentine_Beauty - / Saturday 6 October 2012 08:58 / United States
FML - The follow-up
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OP here, I've changed my locks and moved across town and I really don't want to hire a lawyer.
By BusinessTurtle / Saturday 6 October 2012 07:49 / United States - Ames
By Joey / Saturday 6 October 2012 05:57 / United States - Reno
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