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Hey, original poster here.. He wasnt trying to see me naked. We have a shower curtain where u can see out if ur in the shower but cant see in if your out. And i did almost die because i cracked my head open.
By dfan13 - / Wednesday 1 July 2009 16:31 / United States
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  humorizer  |  14

How is he the perv when his father was waiting in the shower? If I wanted to scare someone, I'd wait in their closet and then pop out. It's much less gay to wait somewhere where people are clothed...


Oh, and no pun intended with the closet. Lullerskatesbbfqroflcopter


ouch wow just to see you scream like a little girl? you should run away i mean that is scary i'd have cried cuz that has happened with me. my lil sis was a peeper, staring though my window and tons more. well. run awa

  reyemrein  |  0

let's get something straight here: the OP did not almost die. getting knocked out was among the worst things that could have happened to him. Because his dad was right there, he could have called 911 if something even worse had happened. Stop exaggerating for attention. And yes, his dad is a creeper.

  meeeep  |  0

i was thinking of that old movie psycho or something were the lady's in the shower and that guy opens the curtain and just kills her. i would have passed out too OP no worries

By  Nacirema20  |  0

he must feel like shit... YDI...


Today, I got home from visiting family for 4 days. Before leaving, I had cleaned my whole apartment and done all of my laundry, except the clothes I worked in the day I left. By the time I got back, ants had set up a colony in said clothes and my laundry hamper. I even found some in my bed. FML

By holly_fly - / Monday 28 August 2017 04:45 / United States - Auburn
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