By ... / Tuesday 2 October 2012 20:55 / Canada - Airdrie
FML - The follow-up

Today, someone stole the massive pumpkin I've been painstakingly growing all year. What did they do with it? They put it in the middle of a busy intersection. FML

dagreatpumpkin Say more :
The pumpkin was for a contest. It weighed in at over 500 LBS. No-one was hurt by it being in the intersection, only vehicle damage. Cuplrits have been found and charged with Meyham, 2 counts of Grand Theft (one for the pumpkin, and one for a forklift), Criminal Trespass, and Vandalism. Cinderella, didn't make it to the ball.
By dagreatpumpkin - / Tuesday 2 October 2012 18:48 / United States
By friendlessatwork - / Tuesday 2 October 2012 18:27 / United States - Storrs Mansfield
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