By Alisha - / Wednesday 30 March 2011 17:28 / United Kingdom
FML - The follow-up
AFEmoWifey Say more :
We bent over backwards to make her comfortable. However, I'm not letting her have a say in my baby making. I'm 23 years older than her so she needs to be more respectful.
By AFEmoWifey - / Tuesday 9 October 2012 10:21 / United States - Palmyra
FML - The follow-up
HeckIfIKnow Say more :
So I never figured it out (although I'm pretty sure it wasn't the God of Farts) but the computer was really old anyway, so I'm just gonna borrow my mom's / use the one allotted to me at work until I can afford a new one. Thanks for the suggestions!
By HeckIfIKnow - / Wednesday 22 October 2014 03:36 / United States - Thousand Oaks
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