By 3lavyaa / Wednesday 7 October 2009 12:31 / United Kingdom
By bad samaritan - / Tuesday 23 October 2012 03:51 / United States - Houston
FML - The follow-up
Anasztaizia Say more :
OP here! #51, you are both correct and incorrect. It IS actually his place, but he bought it off his parents. TL;DR: when they decided it was time to downsize, he bought their house off them, but they haven't moved out yet. The mentality of it still being their house, their rules (which I agree is sensible) hasn't quite left their heads yet.
By Anasztaizia / Thursday 26 March 2015 06:58 / United States - Burnsville
FML - The follow-up

Today, I decided to make what I thought was a pretzel recipe. I ended up eating cooked, egg-coated play dough. Literally, homemade Play-Doh. FML

thecodecat Say more :
I didn't know it was play dough. The recipes got switched. I only ate on bite then I realized what was wrong and threw them out.
By thecodecat / Friday 15 November 2013 12:13 / Canada - Musquash
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