FML - The follow-up

Today, I went to the dentist to get impressions for my permanent crowns. My nose is now numb. FML

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To be fair my dentist was making sure not to hurt me but still it was a weird sensation.
By ToNumbToSmell - / Friday 30 June 2017 19:43 /
FML - The follow-up

Today, I was getting ready for bed, brushing my teeth. When I spat out my toothpaste, I also vomited a bit of the tacos I'd had for dinner, so I brushed my teeth again. I'm completely sober. FML

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Hey, I made an account to give some details. I have a mild form of EDS, so I get acid reflux and sleep apnea. But this occasion was weird: ate tacos at 6pm, snack and my meds 10pm, and was brushing my teeth at 11pm. With no trace of the cereal I'd just eaten. With no heartburn before or after. But yeah, my dad did season the bajeezus outta those tacos.
By Anonymous - / Friday 30 June 2017 19:28 /
By "Courtney Edwards" - / Friday 30 June 2017 03:00 / United Kingdom - Cwmbran
By Anonymous - / Thursday 29 June 2017 21:00 / Italy
FML - The follow-up
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Hey guys, OP here. Just to explain a little more, he got the position because it's a mechanic one, and he had a bit more experience than me (but only because his dad showed him some basic mechanic skills, and mine didn't... see the problem?) I think part of it also has to do with me being a girl and my parents don't think it's "proper" for a girl to be a mechanic. Anytime I try to talk to them they...
By improudbutreally - / Thursday 29 June 2017 12:21 /
By Anonymous - / Wednesday 28 June 2017 01:44 /
By Lili - / Tuesday 27 June 2017 21:00 / France
FML - The follow-up

Today, I was sitting on the couch when my cat decided that the top of my head was the perfect height to use as a springboard to get up to the cat climbing tree. She had her claws out for traction. FML

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They're not really my cats, I inherited them from my mother who spoiled them rotten. I'm more of a dog person. Well, I've got three big dogs so that's kinda obvious
By AkaiKitsune - / Monday 26 June 2017 11:11 /

Today, I was alone in the house at night when I almost died of fright after seeing a woman staring at me through the window. I screamed before realizing that she was just my reflection. FML

By Anonymous - / Sunday 25 June 2017 21:00 / Venezuela - Barquisimeto
By callingouttoanyrealtorsandpyrosinthearea - / Sunday 25 June 2017 04:00 /
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Today, my mom asked me to back up her phone. When I downloaded all of her pictures and checked to make sure they were all saved, I accidentally saw the topless photos she's been sexting my dad. I can erase the files, but not the images in my mind. FML

By yepi'mblindnow - / Thursday 13 July 2017 11:48 /