FML - The follow-up
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I know right! She texted me after the movie to tell me she left because of the coughing but that's it. I definitely wasn't handsy at all because I met up with her just to hang out, like it wasn't a date at all, and it couldve been real coughing but it was super sudden and out of the blue so idk...
By Thegatewayslug - / Monday 27 March 2017 04:29 /

Today, my girlfriend set things up for a romantic evening. It all seemed fine but as things were about to start heating up, she says out of nowhere, "Yeah it's not really working. Sorry." And went to sleep. FML

By Anonymous - / Tuesday 18 April 2017 01:09 / United States - El Paso
By whywasitthere - / Monday 17 April 2017 21:13 / United States - New Braunfels
By sad_unicorn - / Saturday 15 April 2017 15:22 / Australia - Yagoona
By really - / Friday 14 April 2017 17:34 / United States - Draper
FML - The follow-up

Today, I found out my parents never naturalized me. I'm adopted from a country I've never been to, and now I could be deported there. FML

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To clarify, I was born in a foreign country and adopted at less than a month old. My parents are both US citizens. I was never naturalized.
By MWSL01 - / Wednesday 12 April 2017 13:00 / United States - Duluth
By daddyrobyn - / Friday 14 April 2017 01:35 / South Africa - Johannesburg
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