By Sarah grace - / Monday 30 October 2017 01:30 /
By Cameron - / Sunday 29 October 2017 06:00 /

Today, I was having sex with a guy I really liked when he suddenly stopped and, while still inside of me, told me that he didn't "do relationships". FML

By "Ohholypuff" - / Sunday 29 October 2017 04:00 / United Kingdom
tragic1992 Say more :
Still stuck here. It’s all inclusive so at least we won’t starve. He hasn’t been off his phone the whole time messaging her. No fucks given on his part !!! Meanwhile I’m falling apart! FML
By sendhelp - / Sunday 29 October 2017 00:56 /

Today, in the early hours of the morning, two of my wisdom teeth simultaneously began emerging. In my haste to get painkillers, I accidentally smacked my recently broken foot on a door. FML

By Ouch - / Saturday 28 October 2017 14:00 / United Kingdom
By Flutie - / Friday 27 October 2017 22:00 /
By It's Something - / Friday 27 October 2017 13:00 / United States - Toledo
ev_lyn_aw Say more :
OP here. You're exactly right. We've lived together this entire time, and honestly, it doesn't come up very often. He's only met my family once, and the parents have different last names now. So it's pretty comical really. Thank you all for your thoughts! that was fun to share.
By "ev_lyn_aw" - / Friday 27 October 2017 17:49 /
DanielleinDC Say more :
To add context: You enter through a street-level foyer of sorts, and you can take an elevator or the stairs to get to the shopping area. So the first time, I slipped on some water at the top of those stairs. The second time, I was walking through the produce section and slipped on a grape on the floor. I gotta say, I'm a bit surprised and pleased to finally have one published. And, no, I wasn't...
By DanielleinDC - / Friday 27 October 2017 04:53 / United States - Washington

Today, I realised that it is, in fact, not a great idea to put aftershave on your freshly shaven balls. Whenever I move it feels like Satan himself puts my genitals into a fiery pit of needles. FML

By Sonofaquiche - / Friday 27 October 2017 05:00 / Germany - Schweinfurt
By bigvic780 - / Friday 27 October 2017 01:30 /
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