By Anonymous - / Wednesday 5 August 2009 17:10 / United States
By harvdog / Saturday 2 October 2010 19:43 / United States

Today, I discovered my friends have contests to see who can photoshop my pictures to make them even uglier. FML

nottheuglyfriend Say more :
OP here. Lol, no, after a while we cleared things up. To be honest I set my self up for this because I tend to make the weirdest faces I can on purpose when someone takes a picture of me. They didn't mean it to be rude, they were just having fun with my strange photos. We set up a contest with all of us and now I'm the one photoshopping them ;D
By nottheuglyfriend / Saturday 7 March 2015 23:55 / United States
By Anonymous - / Tuesday 19 January 2010 01:56 / United States
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