By Mark - / Friday 24 March 2017 15:33 / United States - Knoxville
FML - The follow-up
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OP here. 1) I looked for a company phone number but could not find one (all I discovered was it was a medical supplies company). 2) I called UPS several times. I called immediately both times. First time it happened, I asked them to come pick it up. They said they would need to charge me for said pickup (even though it wasn't my package). They said if I dropped it off, there would be no charge,...
By Anonymous - / Friday 24 March 2017 01:08 /
By The nice guy finishing Last - / Friday 24 March 2017 20:47 /
FML - The follow-up
CaptainShalliwaffle Say more :
Op here! In all honesty, it just made me laugh. I'm very secure in my relationship with him, and Nintendo and our dog are both pretty damn awesome. The instructor was less amused. I think my answer was probably equally annoying to her, however.
By Nintendon't - / Tuesday 21 March 2017 01:52 /
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