By Anonymous - / Friday 23 December 2016 02:26 / United States

Today, I called the cops on my neighbor's millionth extremely loud alcoholic party. Music stopped before the cop showed up and resumed 10 minutes later. It's 1:30am and still going. FML

Kurliez408 Say more :
OP here. I HAVE asked several times to stop. They called me a whore in response. The law here allows loud music until 11 on weekdays (this was Thursday) and midnight on weekends. As mentioned, this was the millionth or so party so clearly I knew nothing would help. Also, as I am one person against several drunks, I am in a disadvantage here. Not a coward, just a logical person.
By Kurliez408 - / Friday 23 December 2016 00:15 / Israel
By MomOfBoys - / Thursday 22 December 2016 21:20 /
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