By GildedByVices / Saturday 24 December 2016 08:12 / Australia

Today, I spent a while in a tree after fleeing a rampaging Blue Tongue lizard, only to be chased back out of it by an angry possum. Australian wildlife. FML

fifi125 Say more :
Hey guys, just a lil bit of clarification. I was holding onto the tree to get a good look at the blue tongue (which was over half a metre long). We're not normally afraid of her, she's come into our house (which I'll put a picture of in my profile). It's just that that day I was too near her hidey hole so she chased me. I was in the tree havin a little stare-down with her when I must have moved a little too high up because this possum comes out of no where right up into my face. Scared the sh
By fifi125 / Saturday 24 December 2016 04:01 / Australia
Turtleizer567 Say more :
Thank you! You too. At least I know where I stand with the company now.
By Turtleizer567 / Saturday 24 December 2016 01:27 /
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