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OP here. To address some confusion: I don't sleep in the same bed (or room, for that matter) because I apparently snore like a rusty chainsaw. We moved into our new place a year ago with an old beat up bed, she ordered a new bed while I was out of state working 4 months ago now. To further clarify, I've napped in the bed once, and we do use it for purposes other than sleeping. However, she has to...
By MarriedSingleGuy - / Monday 16 October 2017 19:16 /

By FML Approved - / Monday 16 October 2017 14:30 /

Today, a guy tried a pick-up line on me and followed me into a nearby mall. He left me after 10 minutes, but later sent me a request on Instagram. I never gave him my name. FML

By wilmaa - / Sunday 15 October 2017 17:15 / Canada
By not even interested - / Sunday 15 October 2017 16:00 /
By Caci Johnson - / Sunday 15 October 2017 04:30 /
By Reebee - / Saturday 14 October 2017 17:15 / United States - Asheville
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Today, I learnt that my 2-year-old half brother is going to a private school while my brother and I go to a public school. My stepmom said it's for the best because "he's way smarter than you two are". FML

By Anonymous - / Friday 13 October 2017 17:15 / Australia
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FYI I never found out who said it because it was in a group but the band got lectured the day after about being s team and helping each other even though I didn’t say anything so happy ending I guess???
By cravingdeath - / Friday 13 October 2017 22:53 /
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Hey guys! OP here. So, I am still not totally sure about the exact content of the conversation, but basically, my grandmother comes on very strong, and has some very strong opinions. She enjoys telling other people what to do, and can often come across as being rude, even though she means well. Apparently, Grandma was telling my future MIL that she (my MIL) was going about things the wrong way,...
By - / Friday 13 October 2017 16:01 /
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