By over it - / Sunday 29 January 2017 03:11 / Australia - Ryde

Today, I went on a date to an owl sanctuary. Today is also the day I discovered my all-encompassing fear of owls, as I cried and pissed myself in front of my date and 15 other visitors. FML

By No2ndDate - / Saturday 28 January 2017 10:23 / United States - Mount Pleasant
FML - The follow-up
Lejuicyfruit Say more :
OP here! My first FML got published, yay! Not sure why the heck it says I posted this from Texas... I'm from Colorado. And I'm also not a guy. *shrugs* Anyway, thank you all for the nice comments! I feel like a fool, but at least I tried to help a kitty in need. Even if it was just a plastic bag.
By Anonymous - / Tuesday 24 January 2017 20:00 / United States - Arlington
FML - The follow-up

Today, I somehow managed to get the guy I like to sign up for Grindr. FML

inappropes Say more :
This is my FML. I met him through a friend and we were out at a bar. I mentioned I signed up for Grindr but am not into the usual one night stand vibe it has going on, so I was getting rid of it. Next time went out he mentioned he signed up. I had hopes of getting together but I guess not now lol. I just thought it was a funny situation. More people out there.
By Anonymous - / Tuesday 24 January 2017 23:43 / United States
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