By BadDad - / Wednesday 26 April 2017 13:24 / United States - San Diego

Today, I sent a message to my boyfriend saying that I missed him and love him very much. When I received a response, saying that he loved me and missed me too, I noticed that I had accidentally texted my ex. FML

By Liz - / Thursday 27 April 2017 11:07 / Colombia - Bucaramanga

Today, as I was going to bed, I decided to read a book. Just as I touched the book, the bedroom light burned out. FML

By Pisciana unlucky - / Thursday 27 April 2017 11:04 / Brazil - Niteroi
By Annoyed student / Wednesday 26 April 2017 08:57 /

Today, as we were exchanging little affections in bed, my girlfriend suddenly burst into tears. I insisted on knowing why. She had just realized how much she missed her ex. FML

By Anonymous - / Thursday 27 April 2017 11:02 / France - Paris
FML - The follow-up
girlsncomics Say more :
I had them in a shelf that I was sure she couldn't reach suppose I was wrong. This was the first and only time she did something like this.
By "girlsncomics" - / Friday 7 April 2017 10:27 /
FML - The follow-up
ruttles Say more :
Op here I actually don't buy the kcups I buy regular coffee and a pod with a washable filter...both cheaper and environmentally friendly. And the keurig was given to me so never actually bought the machine and I never read up on the maintenance instructions like I should've, which I acknowledge is my fault. But I put milk and sugar in my coffee so it never actually tasted bad to me. And the whole machine...
By ruttles - / Tuesday 25 April 2017 17:47 /
FML - The follow-up

Today, I went to the hairdressers for a quick cut and wash. I didn't expect my ear to be included in it. FML

Pixiewolfe Say more :
Wow my life really sucks with two FMLs published in a month. Luckily she did not actually cut any part of the ear off. It was painful and bleeding a lot but I'm no van Gogh look a like.
By 'Earmeout! - / Tuesday 25 April 2017 11:04 /
FML - The follow-up

Today, I was feeling ill when I woke up. While on the bus to work, I threw up into a plastic cup. I had to sit for half an hour holding an open, very full, warm cup of vomit. FML

siggy_mcsigx Say more :
It was a coach bus and I was sitting at the back, meaning I would have had to walk up an aisle of eyes and stand up there waiting for the driver to find a suitable place (not easy on irish country roads). Thanks tho :)
By mcsicky - / Friday 21 April 2017 23:43 / United Kingdom
FML - The follow-up
Vee94 Say more :
OP here! (I didn't have an account when I submitted this..) Yeah this was a weird, uncomfortable experience for me. I've had dates which were boring or which I wasn't into (and vice versa) but there's nothing quite like watching someone fish out chewing tobacco from their gums and plonk it in a coffee cup while telling you that your eyes are pretty... This was a really nice, upmarket coffee shop...
By aargh - / Saturday 22 April 2017 11:09 /
By failing - / Tuesday 25 April 2017 07:01 / Pakistan - Lahore
By anonymous - / Thursday 27 April 2017 10:59 / Germany
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