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Hey guys OP here (I had posted anonymously without an account before). To clarify what happened, I was about a car's length away from the SUV in front of me, stopped at a red light. I was hit by an SUV and I had a Saturn sedan... that's why it ended up crunched and totaled. When he hit me I flew backwards and my seat lock failed, collapsing my seat into the back bench. I hit my head and blacked out. When I regained consciousness my foot had come off my brake, causing me to run into the SUV in fr
By tenniemo / Sunday 25 December 2016 00:37 / United States
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If you have any questions or want further details please let me know and I'll try to reply to all the comments.
By Iamleftout - / Saturday 24 December 2016 23:18 /
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Alright, so a lot of you guys are wondering why I would lend my notes to my competition - there were three reasons. 1. This internship was also part of our graduation requirements, and she was a really nice girl. I didn't want her to fail so I would lend her my notes when she forgot to write something for that day just so she could have a refresher. 2. The people I worked with at the company made it sound like there was NO WAY she could beat me out - my mentor had worked with her and said she
By SolarLunix / Saturday 24 December 2016 19:52 /
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I didn't mean to sound like I'm sulking. Just naturally the couples will stay together and have conversations that I can't relate to. This usually leaves me with no social participation and makes for a pretty boring day. I love both my sister's boyfriend and sister-in-law and don't mean to say that I wish either were gone. Also, our family has a very sweet, loving, and sadly high-maintenance dog, so it's probably for the better that I'm there to make sure he gets his medicines throughout the day
By MissKaye / Saturday 24 December 2016 16:56 / United States
By HelloDrMeAgain - / Saturday 24 December 2016 14:45 /
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