By wheel 4 - / Friday 1 December 2017 05:00 /
By Anonymous - / Friday 1 December 2017 01:30 /
Emi N. Jax Say more :
Ok so to everyone saying "why don't you just do automatic payments?" Or "the bill is the same time every month just plan ahead." IVE BEEN TRYING TO FIX THIS SINCE AUGUST! I can't connect my credit card due to the "incorrect zip code" and was trying to call customer service to get that fixed. Thank you -_-
By Anonymous - / Thursday 30 November 2017 10:22 / United States
By LittleFriend - / Thursday 30 November 2017 06:00 /

Today, my dad bought me my first car. On the way home, he crashed it. FML

By Mbh - / Thursday 30 November 2017 06:00 / Turkey - Istanbul

Today, at work, a mosquito landed on my brand new tattoo. Without thinking, I slapped it. Hard. FML

By ouchy - / Wednesday 29 November 2017 19:30 / Australia
By Bwberry - / Wednesday 29 November 2017 19:00 /
ShadowReiku Say more :
OP here, didn't expect to actually get published! Backstory, it's a college Intro class that I have to take before I can branch off into the Fiction classes (it's my major with intent to teach Fiction writing myself at university level). My professor has a PhD in Poetry. The first half of the class was poetry, and this last half of the semester is fiction. The problem is she has no interest in seeing...
By Anonymous - / Wednesday 29 November 2017 15:45 /
By "Stella5127" - / Wednesday 29 November 2017 16:00 / Australia - Melbourne
tipsyone Say more :
OP here: this is not the first time she’s done this! I’ve talked about this two years ago and how I find it incredibly boring to listen to the same songs three months!! Of course the others don’t mind since they’re afraid of conflicts plus I’m the one with the office very close to hers!
By tipsyone - / Tuesday 28 November 2017 18:18 / Sweden - Malm?
By TubaAssassin - / Tuesday 28 November 2017 06:00 /
Terrenixwitch Say more :
Hey guys! Update, the father gave full custody to my sister and wants nothing to do with them. He is also in jail for not paying child support before signing over full custody. As far as the kids, I'm taking care of them the best I can but it's hard since I also work. I love them to death and wouldn't want to give them up. I wasn't ready to be a temp mom this young. I know she will do awesome in her...
By #agirlcandream - / Monday 27 November 2017 15:09 / United States - Pearl
dannydane Say more :
Take this in. You ready for this? A meme page. Memes. A guy just so happened to run it.
By dannydane - / Monday 27 November 2017 21:45 /
Stella5127 Say more :
or all those people doubting my story! this ACTUALLY happened in july of 2016. I now have a boy named Nate. I kept my pills in a pill holder in the fridge with 'mon tue wed' on it. my friends daughter would come over every night after school to look after our oldest daughter, Tilly, after kindergarten while my husband and I would finish work. She had ample opportunity and being a busy teacher id just...
By Stella5127 - / Tuesday 28 November 2017 05:01 / Australia - Melbourne
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