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By Preggers - / Thursday 9 March 2017 02:43 /
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FML - The follow-up
MidnightMusic53 Say more :
I didn't realize my FML was published. It was flooding in my area, I live low to the ground so the rain quickly started to pile up.
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FML - The follow-up
jasonrellet Say more :
So I know he was wacko but what I didn't know was that he was confirmed Insane by a psychiatrist. She knew and told me a lot about him, when I told him I was moving out at the end of that month he threatened to kick me out and dump my stuff in the street, he also kept my entire deposit. I later found out that the money I payed him to rent the room was used to go to bars and buy his beer. After that...
By Anonymous - / Friday 24 February 2017 02:09 /
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