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OP here. I didn't create an account because I didn't think this would get posted. Thanks for making my day! I just wanted to clarify some things, especially about the olive oil and vinegar gift set. The father is Italian and appreciates a good bottle of vinegar and oil, I'm not talking about the regular kinds you can get at the supermarket, but olive oil that is cold pressed and infused with rosemary herbs, the vinegar is infused with dark espresso and they both gushed about it. Now, about the s
By Porkletmon - / Sunday 25 December 2016 20:49 / United States

Today, I spent Christmas trying to cover up my mom's affair in hopes that my siblings could spend one Christmas without a yelling match breaking out. FML

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OP here. There have been a few questions, so I will take the time to answer them. First off, my siblings are 9 and 11 (I am a whopping 10 years older than them. Yay me.), so at this age I would like for them to keep being happy and innocent on Christmas and not associate it with the day their family was torn apart. In the case of my mom, she wasn't caught, but the reason I was the one who had to hide everything was because she was being heavily medicated after having a surgery and almost let it
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