By TotallyDeservedIt - / Thursday 19 May 2016 17:19 / United States
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Lol, imagine how even grumpier he'd be if he got up in the middle of the night and set them off. *pats your back* Better luck next time, OP! :)

Depending on how much those pop-its sounded like gunfire, you might be able to pass off the sounds as you fending off a few toilet gators and sending them back to the sewers.

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Mr... Thalamus. that's a new one. anyway, i despise pranks, because they are completely unnecessary. if you want some good time fun, there's a million other, better, ways. i also had far too many cruel pranks plated on me to ever allow pranks again.


Oh come on! A good prank can make everyone, even the victim, laugh! I love a good prank, as long as it doesn't go overboard. Sorry OP, but YDI this time.

Maybe I'm in the minority, but I do not get today's obsession with pranking your significant other at all. Especially the ones that video it.


It kinda spices things up, if you're not one of those douche bags who likes to do dangerous ones


I don't get it, either, but it's not just today's generation. A friend of mine's mother -- I think she's now in her 60s -- once filled a bucket with ice water so she could stand on the toilet and dump it over the top of the shower onto her husband while he was washing his hair. She had the foresight to realize she'd probably get wet in this process, so she stripped naked before climbing onto the toilet. However, the toilet lid broke, and it was she who got doused with the ice water as her foo

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