By Shantwozzlah - / Monday 26 March 2012 16:15 / United States - Kissimmee
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By  olpally  |  32

What a crazy bf you have... That's not funny at all that's just flat out stupid and dangerous... Fyl op, how unfortunate, just be glad you only voided your bowels instead of being road kill...

By  olpally  |  32

What a crazy bf you have... That's not funny at all that's just flat out stupid and dangerous... Fyl op, how unfortunate, just be glad you only voided your bowels instead of being road kill...


Please Id be pissed if someone shit them selves on my bike

  luccmon  |  6

Anyone thumbing this down is an asshole that would gladly put his passenger in danger.

  florido_fml  |  10

It's funny how safe and caring you are just so people agree with you. It's her fault for getting on a motorcycle in the first place. It's an engine on two wheels anyone could die just going 15mph.

  R3TROxLOV3  |  32

71- It would be her fault if she was aware of what the psychotic boyfriend was going to do, and she got on the motorcycle anyways. The thing is... She didn't know. Are motorcycles dangerous? Yes, but what isn't? With your logic, even something as simple as crossing the street could get you killed. It's not her fault for the simple fact that she wasn't aware that her boyfriend was going to put her life at risk all for a few kicks and giggles.

  metalwolf  |  17

Do you really think you are that safe in a car? a modern car will wrap around a light pole where a older car with a full bumper would have knocked the light over, or atleast put a decent dent in the pole.

  terrask  |  11

Totally true, cars will be crushed to bits by the slightest collision. It's on pupose too, you see cars are made to take the impact and tranfer the energy in the crumple zones. The end result of this is a completely destroyed body and secondary structure, absorbing the majority of the energy of the impact. The main structure encompassing the cab will remain fairly untouched with the passenger only cussing about how loud the airbags' pop sounds. Older cars would barely be scratched by a high-speed collision, with passengers dead or seriously harmed. And on a motorcycle well... you fly off the bike and either you wear protective gear or you end up dead. I just love to explain to dumb girls riding in bikini how we treat road rash in my ER, usually they're pretty eager to suit up after the ''brushing'' part.


Did he dump you? If not, he should have.

  aaahhhfire21  |  0

I'd be pissed off too if my gf shit herself while on my motorcycle she should know better most guys only wanna scare u we won't kill ourselves in the process

  niclmao  |  0

Its hilarious

  demonmonkey  |  13

No, it's fuckin hilarious

  FranzFerdinand  |  18

90- He DID cause an accident. ;)

But on a more serious note, that was extremely irresponsible of your boyfriend- he could've injured or even killed both of you. Normally, I don't like saying, "You should dump him for that!" but he literally put your life in danger and had the gall to be douchey about it…
Anyways, FYL.

  guy24  |  9

I think her diction is weird... Who says i voided my bowels? Most say they shit themselves...

  cc_the_beast  |  6

'Voiding' or 'evacuating' the bowels is the correct (and polite) way of referring to a bowel movement. Anybody in any remotely medical field (and people with half a brain) would know this.

  thenomad  |  7

Me working at the nursing home:
Me- did you have a bm?
Patient- a what?
Me- a bm
Patient- huh?
Me- did you take a dump?
Patient- oh yeah, I did that.
*shakes head while walking out of the room*

By  EagorLuvsBigFoot  |  8

I'm guessing you got crap on his leather seats?

By  lainzilla  |  14

What #2 said. Jesus freaking christ, why do people constantly think it's acceptable to treat their partners like crap and then blame them when they react accordingly?

By  hotPinklipstick  |  24

He should be responsible on a bike anyways. That is not only dangerous to you and him, but every other driver on the road. I'm not normally one to suggest this but maybe you should reconsidering being in a relationship with someone who would willingly put you in danger.

By  emmaweeee  |  0

would he rather you shit your pants or end up dead in the middle of the road? your bf has some serious issues when it comes to safety on a motorcycle especially with you as his passenger, I'm sorry op

  downtime  |  12

...Their safety wasn't dependant on her shitting herself. Your statement doesn't make any logical sense.

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