By BarbieKen - / Sunday 14 June 2009 04:14 / United States
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  garrettjordan  |  0

lol do a better job next time rofl @1

OP how could you not feel it down there?

By  Samurai_Blur  |  1

Damn... as a general rule I make sure to pick a time when my girl and I have both showered so we can be completely clean, have fun, and not worry about somethin' weird happening. Of course, we both shower every day so... I'd just say, try to be more careful about the time you pick to fool around like that. Accidents happen, but if your sensitive enough to call this an FML, you just need to be more careful.
Best of luck.

By  ForTheF_ckingWin  |  0

I was taking a picture of my girl bent over one time and she had some on her pussy, it was no biggie. Just try not to do it in the future ;]

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