By unhappy wifey - / Friday 28 September 2012 06:09 / United States - Portland
By red_headforlife / Friday 28 September 2012 05:34 / United States - Chandler
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FML - The follow-up

Today, my husband of five years left me for a woman ten years older than himself who lives nine hours away. He met her online two weeks ago while playing Call of Duty. FML

strawberrywine22 Say more :
OP here :) No, I'm NOT a terrible wife. I had a situation that caused sex to be very painful for me, so we weren't doing it very much. He got frustrated, this whore started chatting with him. I moved in with my parents, and two weeks later he ended it with her (without even meeting her in person yet) realizing that it was his sexual frustration talking. We are back together and working things out,...
By strawberrywine22 - / Friday 28 September 2012 02:14 / United States - Torrance
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