By Singleton - / Saturday 2 January 2010 00:33 / Canada
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  rjrudman  |  0

Op.. how exactly is this an FML? He broke up with you ON THE DAY. You do realize 1) she probably drew it beforehand, and 2) There wasn't enough time to even tell her, let alone make her understand? Quit being a whiny little bitch and get over yourself. Fuck me.

  time4coffee  |  3

Your family was making an effort NOT to bring this up, being nice - and a 5 yo gave you a hand drawn birthday card. You should be grateful for this not complaining.

  Reyo  |  2

You should beat the crap out of your 5 year old cousin since that's the ONLY logical answer to this obviously life ending situation.

By  dacman48  |  0

yeah, i realize that its ur birthday and ur depressed and all, but stop bein such a concited ingrateful bitch. not everyone has someone who cares enough to make them a card

  zaphilia  |  0

What's "ingrateful" mean? The FML of this is the fact that the card reminded the OP of the fact that her boyfriend just broke up with her on her birthday. If he hadn't have done that, then I'm sure she would've loved the card.

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