By happy21sttome - / Monday 15 June 2015 13:39 / United Kingdom
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  firemedic841  |  11

To Georgia?

  sstahpp  |  33

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  EarlFug  |  19

#1, you dick that's as bad as getting Rickrolled. Time for turkey baster and gasoline to get the earworm out.

  pinkster2014  |  25

#16 and I had the same thoughts haha. I was thinking the Midnight Train to Georgia (song by Gladys Knight), but later on in the thread I realized it was Don't Stop Believing by Journey lol.

  noonenoeone  |  22

Umm, no not by definition it's not.

By  Birdclawz  |  17

Did they know you were leaving or was it out of the blue? Granted they still probably weren't going to do much for your birthday im sure they would've liked a heads up or something. Either way, happy birthday OP!

  Brandi_Faith  |  33

I kind of agree. If op is living at home (which I assume she is) I hope she let her parents know she was going to be gone for the weekend. It's a common curtesy to let your parents know if you're sleeping over somewhere else so they don't worry about you when you don't come home that night. But either way, it sucks they don't celebrate your birthday.

  Vanderdale  |  8

If they're such shitty family that they do nothing to celebrate her birthday and then complain about her selfishness when she goes to visit someone that actually cares, it's entirely possible that they would have argued with her and tried to guilt her into staying at home. Perhaps OP did not want to deal with that.

By  thejonac  |  21

it's not exactly nice of them to blame you for not wasting their present if they bought it for you with the intention of you visiting your boyfriend

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