By brycepetrillo / Saturday 7 September 2013 16:08 / United States - New Port Richey
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  lambda_fml  |  40

Sweat of her to send the card. Nobody bothers anymore!

  Snazzy_Snaz  |  17

That's as bad as breaking up through tex! Probably worse!

  slycooper_fml  |  11

Some people need to have the guts to break up with someone face to face. Otherwise, you are not mature enough to have a romantic relationship. I am so sick of people breaking up with their girl/boyfriends like this.

By  alexwow1  |  13

Sick ass

  CallMeMcFeelii  |  13

Whose ass is sick? Is your ass sick? You really shouldn't be commenting if your ass is sick, go to a damn hospital instead. We don't need your ass throwing up all over the comments.

  sugarpoppaige  |  6

Who says they were having sex??

By  ThatFancyPenn  |  18

Today's my brothers birthday an he has a girlfriend.. Hmmm..

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